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Why customer experience (CX) matters?

So why is the customer experience so important? As products become more commoditized, customers differentiate based on experiences with your company more than specific product features and functions.

Customers want to feel connected to their favorite brands, and they want the companies they buy from to know and respect them. CX has become the leading competitive differentiator, so businesses must ensure that their CX strategies can deliver personalized, pleasing interactions at every customer touchpoint.

These interactions have a cumulative effect on your customers’ overall perception and impression of your brand. That makes CX critical to success. Here are some factors that can make a big difference in your customers’ opinions of your company, and therefore, positively impact CX:

  1. Do your marketing campaigns speak to their wants and needs?
  2. Is your ecommerce site easy to navigate and does it guide and assist visitors along the way?
  3. How strong is your strategy for serving both B2B or B2C customers during the sales and service processes?
  4. Is all your customer information readily accessible to the people and systems that need it? Do customers have to update every person on who they are, what they need, or explain every conversation they’ve had?

The degree to which customers feel you understand them has a strong influence over their level of satisfaction—and their decision to do business with you. If you get CX right, you’ll be the company to beat.