Customer Experience Professionals Ghana
CXP Ghana

Accreditation and Certification

The Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) program provides professional recognition of individuals with high levels of knowledge of the customer experience discipline.

CXP Ghana offers courses and the recognition for customer service persons to get the full accreditation and certification.

The idea of Customer Experience (CX) as a business strategy has strong roots over the past 25 years. And the rise in CX continues to be strong according to Harvard Business ReviewGartner, Forrester, and PWC. However, with the rise in discussions about Customer Experience, there has also been a rise in misunderstanding about CX, how a company can be successful through CX management, and the benefits that a company can expect from CX done right. CXPA interviewed an international panel of CX practitioners, consultants, and academics to provide this independent, platform-agnostic introduction to CX.

Practitioner and Employer Benefits of the CCXP