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Welcome to the thrilling second edition of our CX Newsletter, where we unveil the latest updates and exhilarating developments in customer experience and CXP Ghana!

A huge shoutout to our incredible contributors and sponsors who made this newsletter a reality. This edition is packed with captivating content, including an insightful article from one of the groups in our mentorship programme, a valuable CX tip, and much more. Our team has curated this content with care, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy it. Get ready for an exciting read!

CX as a Strategic Differentiator

Avoid the expression “I can’t do anything about it” when serving customers.

Customer experience is the foundation of any business. It can make or break a company’s reputation, revenue, and growth potential. With the rise of digital technology, customers have become more empowered than ever before. They expect a seamless, personalized, and positive experience whenever they interact with a business. In essence, no customer deserves the phrase “I can’t do anything about it.” We dare say that unfortunately, negative customer experience is still prevalent in many organizations in Ghana, leading to loss of customers and ultimately affecting revenue negatively.

One major cause of unpleasant customer experiences is the ‘I can’t do anything about it’ expression. This phrase is often used by a customer service/ experience representative when they are unable or unwilling to resolve a customer’s issue. It conveys a sense of helplessness, apathy, and lack of accountability within the organization. Customers then feel frustrated, unheard, and undervalued.

This expression reveals a symptom of a larger problem – a lack of customer-centric culture in the organization. When employees are not empowered enough to solve problems, customers would not trust the organization altogether, with their problems. It also suggests that the organization is more concerned with minimizing costs and maximizing profits, rather than creating value for customers.

To change the narrative and improve customer experience, organizations must take a proactive approach i.e. foster a customer-centric culture, invest in the right technology, close the feedback loop, measure and improve customer experience, etc.

By taking these steps, organizations can create a positive experience, increase customer loyalty and revenue, and become leaders in their industry. Building a forceful CX Framework cannot be overemphasized…

CXP Mentorship Programme, 2023.

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CX Spotlight

In this edition, we turn our focus to two outstanding individuals: Dr. Yaw Ofori-Adjei, a Consultant Physician at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and the Chief Technology Officer of Fairgreen Ghana Ltd, and Mrs. Chidinma O. Braye-Yankee, ACXP, ACIMG, APR, who holds the position of Group Head of Corporate Communications, Service Quality & E-Business at OmniBSIC Bank.

#CXTip - Supercharge your business with smart technology choices!

Embrace the potential of technology to drive your small business forward. Choose technology solutions that fit your goals and meet customer needs. For example, automate tasks like appointment scheduling or inventory management to save time.

Simplify operations with cloud-based software that centralizes data and improves collaboration. Use customer analytics tools to understand preferences and personalize offerings. By smartly using technology, you can boost efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and take your business to new heights.

‘I cannot express how grateful I am for my first group mentorship experience! At first, I was extremely nervous, but the team quickly made me feel at ease. The sessions were nothing short of awesome! Each one was highly educational, engaging, and interactive.
I couldn’t have asked for a better team to study with, they were absolutely amazing and made the entire experience enjoyable. Now that it’s over, I miss our sessions dearly and find myself yearning for another opportunity to participate in mentorship again. Thank you so much for such an unforgettable experience!’
– Georgina Ewurabena Acheampong

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the CX Fundamentals training session. The course really validated a lot of the initiatives I am helping to run in my organisation, which tells me, we are on the right path to building a great customer experienced focused organisation.
I was also thrilled with the conversation on Journey Mapping and the UXpressia site and how it helps professionals with persona design and journey mapping. The facilitation was spot on and so were my fellow participants.
I will certainly recommend it to both CX and non CX professionals. Do consider an in-person session in the near future.’
– Richard Fosu-Manu

‘My experience in the Service into Experience training by CXP was one of deep insight and fun. The instructor had very good knowledge of the subject and she made the presentation interactive and easy to comprehend. I also got the opportunity to network with other professionals in the service industry and that was a plus.

Through the training, I have learnt new customer centric strategies that will help improve the experience my customers receive as they interact with my business on all touch points. I will ensure to always deliver my brand promise by designing an effective customer experience framework for my business.
I highly recommend this training to every professional, especially business owners.’

– Fiona Dawsonn-Andoh

Introducing Joelle Boakye-Boateng, a Service Quality Analyst at Cal Bank, who embodies a passion for exceptional customer experience management, leadership, and teamwork. With over ten (10) years of experience in banking and customer service, Joelle is a CX enthusiast.
Apart from her professional expertise, Joelle is also a talented writer who enjoys crafting enlightening blogs that delve into various customer experience topics.
You can connect with Joelle on LinkedIn here.

CXP Ghana Corporate Hangout

We successfully hosted our second corporate hangout of the year on June 30th, 2023. With the theme “Revamping for Success: Reengineering Defective Processes and Gaps,” this session was a game-changer. Martha Dwomoh, an esteemed association member, skilfully moderated the discussion, focusing on identifying and improving processes that hinder the customer experience.

Guided by IQbusiness Group’s Senior Consultants, Kerry Thomas, and Selina de Freitas, participants gained valuable insights into reengineering faulty processes for enhanced customer satisfaction. Mark your calendars! Our virtual corporate hangouts take place on the last Friday of every quarter and are completely free.

Don’t miss out on the next session – it promises to be an exhilarating experience!

CX Pro

The ongoing CX Pro Boot Camp, organized by CXP Ghana, is in full swing. This intensive training program spans five (5) Saturdays and aims to develop core competencies for Customer Experience Professionals.

Recognized CX experts have graced the boot camp, sharing their experiences and encouraging participants along their journey. By joining this program, attendees are preparing themselves for the Certified Customer Experience Professional path.

Through interactive sessions, practical exercises, and expert guidance, participants gain a deep understanding of CX best practices, industry trends, and effective leadership strategies. This ongoing training empowers CX Pro attendees with the latest insights to excel in their customer experience roles.

Missed this round? Keep an eye out for future CX Pro Boot Camp sessions. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your CX career.
For more information or to express your interest, visit our website or contact us at

Stay tuned for updates as CX Pro continues to empower professionals and shape the future of customer experience management.

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