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November is really the last month of the year ?. 😲

November is really the last month of the year ?. 😲

November is really the last month of the year.

If you truly want to crush your yearly goals before 2023 starts then November is your very last month to grind. “But why not December JP? We still have 2 months!” Well, December’s an extremely hectic month and you will most likely be super busy. Christmas, family gatherings, traveling, enjoyment… You name it. December is by far the busiest month for 99% of people. December is for enjoyment, that’s a tradition in most places.

That means you are likely not going to have much time to work on your brand or even have any free time to yourself at all. Which is why you absolutely need to take November seriously. You don’t have 2 months. You only have one. So many brands make the dangerous mistake of taking it easy in November which basically means wasting the rest of the year. 

Don’t make that mistake fam. November is the month when you put it all on the line. Time to drastically level up as a CX professional. Time to crush all your business goals. Time to prove to your friends, family, colleagues, clients, and all that you are fully capable to make it as a conscious CX professional in 2023.

By the time you’re reading this you only have 16 days left. Not sure where to start? 

Click here now to register as a member of CXP Ghana and ensure that you don’t fall even further behind in 2023.

Make every single day count. Charge into 2023 as a completely different person. 

You got this! 🚀

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