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6 key areas to consider in Digital CX excellence

6 key areas to consider in Digital CX excellence

Digital CX excellence, from a customer perspective, is directly linked to the extent to which companies excel in six key areas:

1. Channel Flexibility

•Ability to seamlessly switch between multiple channels without losing the context
•Consistency of information across all channels
•Ability to save and display a customer’s history

2. Reachability

•Existence and reliability of preferred channels

3. Service Convenience

•Clear and up-to-date information
•Ability to ask for quick and live support
•Ability to get end-to-end support

4. Purchase Convenience

•Ability to conduct end-to-end transactions
•Availability of subscription to new products and services
•Clear and up-to-date information

5. Simplicity and ease of use

•Intuitive design
•Simple and guided journeys
•Simplicity of navigation

6. Personalization

•Context customization and personalized experiences
•Recognition of each customer as an individual
•Utilizing customer data to meet customers’ preferences automatically

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