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Corporate Hangout – 26.11.21

Corporate Hangout – 26.11.21

Theme – Driving a customer-centric culture to deliver CX

Date & Time – Friday, 26th November 2021 at 5.30 pm GMT

Speaker – Debbie Akwara

MC – Jemima Afotey-Wiles

CXWOD – Loretta Amissah

Jemima Afotey-Wiles

Customer Experience Executive, Star Assurance.

Jemima is a Customer Experience Executive currently with Star Assurance.
She has over a decade of experience in Customer Service and Office Administration.
Jemima is eager to learn and excited to be a part of the evolution of Customer Experience in Ghana.
She is a creative writing enthusiast and loves traveling and meeting new people.

Debbie Akwara

Founder/CEO, Niche Customer Experience Group

DeBBie Akwara is a leading CX entrepreneur & educator in Africa. She is the founder/CEO at Niche Customer Experience Group; West Africa’s 1st boutique CEM solution & training provider.
Prior to Niche, she led CX success in the banking, telecommunications & education sectors.
CX successes recorded were an increase in; product adoption by 2567%, industry customer service ranking by 18.7% & revenue generation from CX of up to NGN300 million.
As an advocate for CX education in Africa, deBBie (via Niche Institute of CX & Innovation) launched Africa’s 1st globally recognized CX certification courses in partnership with the Institute of Customer Management, UK. The courses are a trio of certifications for business managers (CCEM), leaders (CCEP) & CX-related consultants (CCEPR).
deBBie is on a mission to grow businesses one CX at a time across and build the CEM capabilities of professionals in Africa that will drive a realistic practice of CEM to increase profitability.
In 2020/21, deBBie was recognized as a top 50 global CX thought leader & influencer.
She is an author, a mom, humanitarian & is always looking for new opportunities to learn about CX, connect with professionals & impact the practice of CEM in Africa & globally.

Loretta Ewura-Esi Amissah

HR Professional

Loretta is a certified HR professional with 10 years experience in Banking.
She holds an MBA in Human Resource Management from the University of Ghana Business School.
When asked what drives her, she explains that her need to add tangible value wherever she finds herself.
Loretta is currently working with Republic Bank. She loves art and enjoys creating things with her hands. She sews, makes hampers and floral arrangements in her free time.

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