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Congratulations Esther Dokuwaa Ofosuhene πŸŽ‰ CCXP

Congratulations Esther Dokuwaa Ofosuhene πŸŽ‰ CCXP

The President and Founder of Customer Experience Professional (CXP) Ghana, Esther Dokuwaa Ofosuhene has been confirmed as a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXPA). This makes her the first and only Certified Customer Experience Professional in Ghana currently.

Esther Dokuwaa Ofosuhene who is also a Certified Professional Trainer and the Head of Customer Experience at FNB Ghana, will now have the pleasure of using the prestigious CCXPA designation.

This indeed presents a great opportunity for members of the CXP Ghana association and other industry experts and practitioners interested in the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession in Ghana, to leverage on her knowledge and experience to also acquired such an enviable designation.

About Customer Experience Professional (CXP) Ghana

Founded in 2020 as a community on LinkedIn, the Customer Experience Professionals Ghana Association is the premier non-profit organization dedicated to bringing technology, process and people together to drive Customer Experience and Service Excellence in Ghana

In October 2021, CXP Ghana organized the first Annual Customer Experience conference at Larbi Beach Hotel. The event which was populously patronize by industry expects and practitioners, both local and international, also saw the inauguration of the Governing Council and Executive members of the association.


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